What Can A Logo Do For Your Business

What Can A Logo Do For Your Business
What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think about Facebook Inc. or Apple Inc.? We bet it’s not the picture of Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, but a blue square box with an “f” embedded inside it and a half-eaten apple. Well, that’s the power of a logo. Believe it or not, there’s a significant difference between a company and a brand. One can be controlled while the other can be perceived; one has to be sold, the other sells itself. And it hurts to see that the people in the field do not understand it. 
Jobs rightly used Nike once as one of the best marketing examples of all time. Nike sells a commodity. They sell shoes and yet you feel something different and powerful when you think of it.  Neither do they ever talk about their products nor their aerosols, then what are they actually doing for marketing? They honour great athletes and athletics because that’s what they are and that’s what they are about.
And that defines a brand. It is something that personifies a company in their consumer’s perception. Human perception is very important as nobody can completely control a brand, once it comes into life, making the factors you can control even more crucial. 
Being creative can only have a positive impact on your brand identity. 
According to cheekymonkeymedia.ca, these are the 5 must-have’s for an effective logo: 
1. Memorable: A logo should stand out in a crowd. It should be simple and elegant with a clear imagery.
2. Adaptable: Logo needs to be versatile. They should be scalable to the size of a billboard or down to a postage stamp or desktop icon. That’s why designers finalise the logos using a vector illustration program like Adobe Illustrator. 
3. Simple: Perhaps, one of the most vital features for a logo is its simplicity. Do not overdo things since it doesn’t have to tell a story. Keep distilling it until only the essential elements remain. 
4: Time-irrelevant: Avoid using any trends as those are only fine in the fashion industry. A truly excellent logo may not look good now, but will surely do 10 or 50 years from now.
5. Relevant: It should be appropriate to your industry.
Creating a logo that hits all these points requires a professional eye-for-design. That’s the reason there are agencies who have expertise in this field. They delve into your industry to analyse, strategize and execute their designs. 
Even the most untrained eyes can tell if your logo is good, bad or outright ugly. When you fuse those five things in a logo, you can increase your brand recognition and expect better commitment from customers, which in turn leads to the most effective form of marketing; word of mouth. 
Everything has a darker side and logo is no exception. As a designing expert, we have seen overdone designs which can prove counterproductive to achieving a good brand identity. Sometimes it may lead even to consumer criticism and a complete loss of control over your brand image. Here are some of the factors: 
– Too many colours: While it’s your design and you may do anything with it, we recommend limiting your colour palette to 3 or 4 max. Don’t make it something too clumsy or too shiny. 
– Following trends too closely: yes, you read it right. While the points are to be followed don’t do a single colour, no text, tight circles design. There’s a reason they are called trends. Try to be unique.
– Many typefaces: A lot of logos have different fonts, but the general rule is to use at most two fonts. Even two different fonts in a logo can look childish, no matter how creative you get with it. 
It doesn’t matter whether you hire an agency or do it yourself, always be aware of the impact the logo has on your visitors. You can not control what people thinks about you, but you can definitely control how you present yourself. We believe business is centred around interaction, so never forget the invisible communication that you may have with your visitors, via your logo. Having said all these, we are really wanting to see your logos which you may share with us.


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