How Facebook Marketing Can Generate More Traffic

How Facebook Marketing Can Generate More Traffic

How effectively do you utilize Facebook at driving traffic to your website? 
not really?
That’s because a lot of SME’s don’t think it’s all that great! Today, we are going to learn about Facebook Marketing and see how it it essential for a business to utilize it.

According to a recent study, about 25% of small and midsize business owners think that Facebook isn’t very effective at driving organic traffic to their websites.

Even one among 5 business owners don’t even have a Facebook page!

Facebook as a social media is a thing of the past. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company you need to focus on using Facebook as a medium to connect with potential customers.
It’s a very powerful resource. It can work wonders if used wisely.

How Powerful Is Facebook and the Extremity of Its Presence

facebook marketing

Facebook is so powerful for one obvious reason — almost everyone uses it and at present, there are over 1.59 billion active users of the platform. Its goal of connecting people is indeed achieved. Through the pool of users in the platform, Facebook transformed into something more than personal profile sharing. It also attracted businesses to build a brand name and connect with customers easily.

Facebook marketing is known to provide greater results for your SEO efforts. One picture showing how powerful Facebook is Pew Research Center survey, which states that as much as 62% of adults get news on social media, which is inclusive of 66% of Facebook. From this given fact, social media sites are now taking over a greater degree of marketing online. With users preferring the usability of Facebook to obtain data, this gives you the chance to target audience. Which certainly makes Facebook marketing as the top platforms.

Facebook even became more dominating due to its great number of functions to offer people. It is not just a place where you could share posts, tell stories, and comment on topics. Instead, Facebook can even serve as a website for your company. You can even do live TV for your consumers. Just imagine reaching hundreds or even thousands of people at one time. Facebook may also be an e-commerce site for your business.

You may also ask why Facebook is better than other social networking sites. There are different reasons to answer this question. Primarily, you will get more leads with Facebook Ads. According to studies, cheaper ads are available on Facebook and you can even target your audiences, such as through gender, interests, age, and location.

Other than that, if your main purpose is to generate traffic to your website, Facebook features its API that could connect you to different sources of inbound links through like buttons, comment boxes, and share buttons.

Social media marketing services cost can be cheaper with Facebook as well. Setting up the account is generally free and other optimisation may not cost as much as other SEO services. This is the reason why small businesses start with Facebook marketing.

Lastly, Facebook is one reliable place to market your business for it is flexible and real-time. It keeps on updating and it races along advanced technologies. Amazing trends have always been seen on Facebook first. This gives you the edge to the competition.

The point is if you think your Facebook page can do better, that you are not alone. We all always have a scope to improve. The more you promote yourself, the better the chances are of converting your potential clients.

Well, the good news is that you can actually do something about it so that your page performs better!
Making a few changes to what you post on Facebook and how you do it, can make a huge difference. So this post is going to review the things you can start doing today to make this network a more effective platform for your business!

So where can you start?

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Write things you actually want to link to:
Cutting to the chase: share links to your website on Facebook.
If you share the links passively (like somewhere on your page hard to find), most of the cases people won’t find it and thus, you would be losing a good amount of traffic.
You should actively share links via status updates, and they shouldn’t all go to the same place.

Naturally, the easiest way is by blogging, and even if you already blog do not skip this part.

Are the topics you’re blogging about as enticing as possible? Are you writing about them in a compelling way? Do you know what the most-shared articles on Facebook ALL have in common?
This blog post is a start-to-finish guide that’ll walk you through the writing process, so whether you’re constantly stuck in that “I don’t know what to write about” place or you just want to be sure you’re not missing any opportunities, take a look.

You are not finished yet.

Remember users won’t be coming back to your website from time to time on their own. They need to be reminded.

Build a newsletter that the visitors can sign up for so that you can collect their email addresses of your most frequent visitors and shoot them a personalized mail, whenever you have something new for them to read.(And needless to say, they may even share some of the posts if they find them interesting; again publicising your content).
This is something, you can do on your website. What about Facebook then?

Make attractive Facebook Marketing links:

attractive facebook ad

Gone are the days of sloppy links which looked literally like
You can definitely do a lot better!
Customising your link previews and writing stronger updates makes it a lot easier to grab someone’s attention – here’s how!

1. Write a headline that gives users a glimpse of the story(like any movie trailer, in a textual form), but not the WHOLE story. Give enough details for the reader to understand what to expect, but don’t be a deliberate tease – Facebook can actually detect clickbait-style headlines automatically, and you could be penalized for writing them.

2. Write a link description that relevant to the headline. (They don’t call this a “link preview” for nothing!) You have a limited amount of room to work with, so keep it snappy. If you don’t want to edit your link description using your blogging platform.

3. Choose an eye-catching featured image to go with your update. Images can have a huge impact on humans, so you should have plenty to choose from right there in the blog post you wrote! I have seen people sharing contents just because they liked the featured image.

4. Don’t forget to write a status update to go with your link! This text appears before your link preview, so it’s the perfect place to introduce or react to the information you’re sharing. You can write a reaction or something like that, which excites the users before they could even read the article.

That covers what you’re posting – what about when you’re posting?



Understand Facebook well(and I mean it):
Facebook uses algorithms to determine who sees your updates and when. Those algorithms change over time, and they’re a big reason that people with Facebook pages don’t feel like this is a very reliable social network for driving organic traffic. However, Facebook Marketing is similar to SEO which is a continuous process. You need to play the game to be in it!

Understanding these algorithms can help you more reliably post the right things at the right times.

Does the stats follow a trend? Do some kind of topics see more engagement or what is the time when your post engagement reaches its peak?(And how can THAT affect how many people see what you’re sharing, both now and in the future?)

While you can always stick to a strategy of firing off updates at random and hoping for the best, the better you understand how Facebook decides who sees your updates, the more strategic you can be.

Boost yours Facebook Marketing campaigns:

boost your facebook marketing campaigns

Remember that statistic from the beginning – that 25% of small and medium-sized business owners don’t think Facebook is very effective for driving organic traffic?

Can you guess which is the most important word in that statistic?

(Hint: it’s “organic!”)

Organic traffic isn’t the be-all and end-all of successful Facebook marketing.

In fact, Facebook pages generally pay for as much as a third of their total reach – and when you take the time to tailor the audience that sees your ads, you can really stretch your budget.

Take a few minutes to get to know the Facebook ad manager, and set invest a few bucks there and also for boosting posts you’re especially proud of. This is another reason that it pays for your website to offer a newsletter signup, so you can turn the people you paid to reach into repeat visitors!

So, let’s sit and chat!
– How effective do you think Facebook is to attract traffic?
– Are you among the top 25% who thinks, Facebook is not that great?
– Or are you among the 20% who don’t even have a facebook page.

It takes less just 2 seconds to share and spread the knowledge. Share it with your friends. Also, Feel free to share your views in the comments below.

Also, I found a really great and detailed article recently which can give you more indepth knowledge on  How To Use Facebook Ads Effectively 

I recommend to go ahead and give this article a read. 


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