Drive Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Blog From LinkedIn

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Blog From LinkedIn

So you diligently created your WordPress blog and filled it with interesting, entertaining, and educational information. It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it because at the end of the day it was a true labor of love. You were writing about something that you truly cared about and sharing your message with the world was the main goal.

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At the same time you were adding content to your blog, you probably read an article somewhere that promoted the benefits of building your LinkedIn connections. So you set to work adding connections to your profile which now amounts to a fairly respectable number of personal first-level contacts.

Then the reality of the situation began to hit home. Blogs and LinkedIn profiles aren’t like the Field of Dreams, if you build it they still might not come. So now you are stuck with a wealth of knowledge and content that the world at large has yet to see. And your LinkedIn profile sits mostly idle except for an occasional search to find buddies from old jobs.

So what can you do to revive these platforms fast?

Here’s How You Can Use LinkedIn to Drive Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Blog on Demand:

1. Start with LinkedIn Groups

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You are probably already familiar with LinkedIn Groups. This is the area of LinkedIn where you can join specialized groups according to industry or interest. Within each group, members connect to share information, ideas, news, and job opportunities.

You can join up to 50 groups at a time. This is an amazing opportunity to engage tens of thousands of individuals and share your expertise.

Start by taking a look at your LinkedIn profile and locate how many groups you are currently a member of. If it turns out that you are under the maximum of 50, start searching for solid groups to join.

Review these tips before selecting a new group:

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  • Share with large groups. It increases your chance of coming into notice.
  • More active groups are better because they give you an opportunity to interact with the community and participate in discussions where you can share your knowledge.
  • Only select groups that you can actively contribute valuable thought knowledge to. Spammers are spotted a mile away so if your intention is to join a LinkedIn group simply to promote a product or service, don’t bother.

2. Select a well written relevant post from your blog to share

Now that you have your LinkedIn Groups area cleaned up, you can take a look at your content to see what posts may be relevant to your target audience. Select a post that can educate, inform, or spark an interesting debate. And contrary to popular media standards, interesting debate is not about inflaming a hot button topic or attacking a person or idea (no trolls please).

3. Post to your LinkedIn Groups

Once you have located the perfect post, share it on your personal profile. Also share it with the groups you belong to that would be most receptive to the information. Be selective in sharing as it might not interest all the linkedin groups you have shared.

4. Monitor your blog stats and watch the targeted traffic flow in from LinkedIn

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After you share the link to your blog post with your LinkedIn groups, the heavy lifting will be done. You will want to monitor the comments you receive. Respond promptly to further establish yourself as a thought leader and competent expert on your chosen topic.

You will also see that once you become actively engaged with your LinkedIn groups by commenting on other discussions and responding to comments on your shared content, you will see a sustained increase in traffic to your blog over time.

So try it out today. Once your LinkedIn Groups area is cleaned up it takes only a few minutes to share your posts and drive highly targeted traffic to your WordPress blog on demand.


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