How To Get Maximum Benefit From Forum Marketing

How To Get Maximum Benefit From Forum Marketing
Every now and then, web development agencies struggle to steal traffic off their competitor’s website onto their own. Well! why won’t they? The competition is tough and merely having a website does not suffice. 
You need to market it right for showcasing your contents. 
In this post, we would be covering one of the most underrated yet affordable and efficient methods to drive targetted traffic to your site. 
Feel free to implement these side by side to this post and the results would be evident. So, without wasting a single second let us show you how? 

Simply follow the below mentioned steps:

First and foremost, you need to search active forums in your niche (restaurant, baking, tyres or anything else relevant to your business).
Use “your niche”+” forums” in Google searches to get best search results. 
Depending on your niche, this search string works really well, sometimes not so much, hence we are also sharing some other ways to do that. You can use “your keyword” + “vBulletin” to bring up a tonne of forum results. vBulleting is a powerful software that offers flexible management of forums. 
We really hope you are getting some great results but we aren’t finished yet. Try “your niche” + ” hot threads with new post” search string. This will get you more results than any of the previous methods. But what if you want to refine your searches? The secret is to use niche-specific strings which only you and others with relevant business would use, like if your niche is “baking” try using, “almond flour baking”.
Once you land on a forum, you need to see, if it’s worth your time. The first thing you want to do is look at the latest post info and when the last post was made. Basically, what you need to do is see how often people are posting on the site and how active it is because there is no other way to see how many active users are there, so, this is a proxy way to do that. Under “posted” take a look at the date to see if it’s recent. As long as you see that, it’s probably worth making an account.
Once you register and it’s all set up, you need to create a signature. It is crucial because that’s actually how you will generate traffic for your website. In your signature, you need to create some call to action, a benefit-driven call to action like “Add me on Google plus or facebook” with a link to your account. Most people commit a mistake of getting SEO value from this, but it’s actually irrelevant as Google doesn’t consider this valuable and over-optimized anchor text can actually hurt you down the road. Just make sure to use some sort of call to action in your anchor text that isn’t just your keyword because this is actually how you’re going to drive traffic to your site from the forum.
As soon as you have your account and signature ready to go, the next step is to participate in the forum. Head over to the main area of the forum and take notice of where most people are hanging out. You can catch most eyeballs where the traffic is highest. Well, you may also go to any specific section, over which you have expertise. The concept is quality over quantity. Hence, as long as you are expert in that particular field you can participate in that thread.
Also, you might want to land early in a particular thread because if you are the first person answering, viewers are actually bound to see your comment. The lower you are, people start losing interest. 
However, if you want loads of traffic through forum marketing, you need to create your own threads too. Participation in a forum is good, but creating your own thread is better. Don’t just try to respond to as many as possible. It’s definitely quality over quantity. Because when people evaluate you, they’re going to look at how many posts you have made and the number of times you’ve been thanked. 
That’s really all there is. You have an account with your brand name as the user name. You want to participate as often as possible, but make sure you’re providing value every single time you participate in a thread. Then, when you publish something great on your site, wait for it to get indexed and then head to the forum and then paste it there. Maybe, make some modifications and that’s going to get you some really, really great traffic.


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