How To Use Pinterest For Traffic Generation

How To Use Pinterest For Traffic Generation

Pinterest is a social media platform that offers users a wide range of visual discovery. Through a series of images, viewers can look at, collect, share and store beautiful, inspiring images on their Pinterest boards to share with their followers.

Over the years, Pinterest has gathered a huge number of followers. What started out in 2010 with a few hundred users rapidly evolved into an internationally acclaimed website, and today the site has more than 70 million followers and is valued at $11 billion.

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As a result of Pinterest’s heightened popularity, you may be thinking about adding a Pinterest account to your social media management strategy. Though the site is primarily most popular with women, men also use the site and an increasing number of businesses are choosing to use Pinterest as part of their social media management strategy. Using this social media platform is, therefore, a fantastic way to reach out to a huge target market.

Pinterest marketing when done properly can turn the fortunes for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

A lot of the mundane tasks involved in Pinterest marketing can, however, be automated. For example, one can automatically unfollow thousands of users who don’t follow them back thus maintaining an equilibrium between followers and following. More about Pinterest automation in coming paragraphs.

Ever since she is using Pinterest, the viewership and followings have increased manifolds. I picked up a few things which I will share with you guys which in turn will help increase the traffic to your website.

The first and the most important thing to be kept in mind is to create a blog board just for your articles. The reason for doing so is to help your followers find your articles and blogs without any trouble. Also, name the title of your blog and that of the Pinterest blog board same.Remember that when you write a blog post and pin it on the blog board, make sure you add a brief summary of the blog on the board.

If you add a few related images or videos, it surely does help create a visual stimulus.
Also, remember to provide a link directly to your website or blog post(this is where you’re inviting them to your website).

Do’s and Do not’s for Pinterest traffic generation.


  • It makes a lot of sense to create boards according to the search categories and put your blog posts (if you have a wide variety of blog post on various topics). The use of keywords is yet another way to direct the search to your blog or website.
  • Use as many images as possible to make your boards appealing. This is also true even when you want the visitors to read and not just look at the images. Hence, to have more and more people look at your pins and go back to the link you refer, pin high-resolution good quality images.
  •  Now comes the fun part of engaging with your followers. To be consistent with your posts, to showcase good quality content on your pins will do this for you. Your followers will be getting a regular update on their feeds which will help in keeping your blog or pins fresh in their minds.
  • Be courteous and follow your followers. This will help in giving you an idea of what your followers like.
  • Let’s now come to the next important point of how to actually make your pins visible to the outsider when they search. For this, ensure that the privacy setting of your account is allowing the search engines to index your pin. Use hashtags in the pins so that they are easily indexed by Google search bots.
  • You could also have pins with personal details such as your hobby, your favourite travel destination, etc. which you can share with your followers. Such details help you connect with the followers. They are able to relate to you personally.
  • Just like any other media effect. You are likely to get the followers friends, relatives visit your blog if you create a positive impact through your well-executed pins and boards.
  • To have the readers sharing your pins further with their friends and family, use the ‘Pin it’ button in your blogs.
    According to Pinterest, the ‘Pin it’ button helps create a huge traffic back to your site. Make sure you have pinned this idea in your mind too.

Create contests and Promote on your board

Another idea to increase more followers to your site would be to have a contest on your site and promote the same on your board. You can also create a board specifically for such contests and keep updating with the results on the board.

Pinterest analytics helps you in getting a fairly good idea of your visitors, how they use the pins you post, and also helps you know which of your posts were the most followed.

While all the efforts are done to get maximum business and Pinterest followers towards your business, there are chances of some users would not follow you back. ‘Snapchum’ finds those pinners who do not follow you back and then you can unfollow them from Pinterest. It also helps to schedule your pins. It is an important tool for every Pinterest user who desires to make the best use of time and automate Pinterest. Snapchum can be used not just to clean up one’s non-followers but also generate more revenue through Pinterest contests and repin campaigns.

Moreover, Snapchum can help in your Pinterest management so that you can be on the top of your business by applying the correct search engine optimization tactics by suggesting proper hashtags and names. The right keywords will help rank higher in Google and take your business to higher levels.

A correct combination of the aforementioned ideas will greatly help get the right people visit your sites and generate revenue too.
The ‘likes’ for Pinterest is growing tremendously. It will make more sense than ever to evolve and incorporate changes which will help redirect more and more traffic towards your business.

Is Pinterest really effective?

Pinterest Traffic Generation-1

Pinterest is an incredibly effective social media management tool. When you use Pinterest properly it has the power to truly enhance the popularity of your website and drive more traffic. Through a series of attractive images, you can really entice Pinners to click through to your blog posts.

Finally, pin often and consistently. Pinners tend to see what’s at the top of their feeds so it’s essential to pin as much as possible. You may even wish to re-pin old images to ensure that new followers see those pins. When you devote the time and energy into using Pinterest properly, you will generate lots of traffic to your blog posts and website.

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