Viral Marketing campaign denotes marketing technique which allows users to pass the message to other sites via internet. Email can be used to serve this purpose too. It is a modern online tool of marketing. A potentially exponential growth provides companies to reach targeted visitors appropriately.

Viral Marketing services attract businesses due to its delivery of practical results within a short span of time. Advertising and marketing in the form of viral web promotion techniques have taken over the traditional methods of business promotion.

Precisely, Viral Marketing campaign refers to the process of encouraging existing customers to spread information about the company’s products and services. It in turn, is beneficial in attracting new customers, that too, in a large number.



Viral Marketing methods include the processes ranging from email marketing, “refer-a-friend”, “pass-it-on”, “send-an-article”, ecards, ebook distribution, images, text messages to video email. Batcode is a reputed viral marketing and SEO company based in India. It  fetches the clients with marketing objectives. A team of professionals, at Batcode put into practice, web promotion strategy for promotional campaign and related business activities on the behalf of clients.

Hotmail, now owned by Microsoft, is worth mentioning here for its realistic viral marketing approach. The site promotes its email service and its advertisers’ messages towards the extreme end of  Hotmail user’s e-mail notes.